Youth Leadership & Youth Empowered

Youth activities in Franklin County include mentorship and tutoring, summer day camps, an after-school program, and leadership. In addition to taking high school students on an annual college trip, courthouse ...and state house tours, and city council meetings, we also work with high school students in our Youth Empowered Leadership program. In cooperation with the City of Columbus, our young adult program is a violence intervention program


Are you 16 to 24 years old and looking for paid work experience, academic support, or help getting ready for the workforce? You can start realizing your personal and professional dreams at Help& Hope Community Center, which are operated in collaboration with local trade Workforce Development. Call us right away!The youth programs at the Help & Hope Community Center are social justice-focused and culturally competent. Youth can explore who they are, themes that affect their everyday lives, build skills, and become leaders and change-makers for the community in these safe places. Programs for Help & Hope Community Center direct service are available in settings based on the community and include: Civic Engagement & Advocacy Skills in Mentoring Relationships Psychiatric Health prevention of underage use of alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco Integral justice.

Youth Summer Enrichment Program

A youth summit includes workshops, cultural performances, and a soccer competition. Homeless Youth: Teen Homeless Why are young people homeless in the US? Every year in America, a large number of young people between the ages of 14 and 24 are homeless. As a result of their lack of a parent or guardian, the phrase "unaccompanied youth" is frequently used to refer to homeless youth. Youth who are expecting or who are already parents, youth with special needs or impairments, and youth of color—especially Black Americans and Native Americans—are more likely to become homeless. Children who are homeless as adults make up 47% of homeless youth. Most frequently, domestic violence, neglect, or other traumatic experiences cause young people to become homeless.

Services for immigrants and refugees

At the Help & Hope Community Center, we support immigrants and refugees in finding stable employment. If you are a foreigner who is new to the country, our professional team will help you learn the language and gain the cultural understanding necessary to land a job that will support your family. If you have been in the country for some time and are searching for assistance in pursuing your American dream, we can assist you in developing a plan and setting you up with the tools and training you need to succeed. Call us right away!


Our multilingual staff reflects the variety of the clients we represent and places a strong emphasis on developing connections that give them a competitive edge in the employment market. To provide tailored services, staff members visit with customers to evaluate their level of education, employment history, and proficiency with the English language. These consist of aid with writing resumes, interview and job readiness training, job applications and job placement, transportation issues, and community-based recommendations.


We link the families and people we serve with crucial daily-living resources. We make sure they are all completely supported, from food access to stable housing and high-quality healthcare. Overall, we offer access to healthcare, health information, and help enrolling in public benefits in a way that is culturally and linguistically appropriate. Education is a crucial component of our work. In addition to creating awareness and educating people about healthy living, academic counseling for youth, and their fundamental rights, we offer resources and referrals to adult literacy programs, civic participation opportunities, and possibilities for civic engagement.

Leadership Program for the School Year

The Youth Empowered program gives teenagers from the Help & Hope Community Center (ages 14 to 18 and 18 to 22) the chance to explore their potential as leaders while engaging in and coaching ...outdoor activities. By taking part in workshops and trainings, teens can enhance their leadership abilities and career ready skills. They can then put those abilities into practice by volunteering at the Help & Hope Community Center.

Treatment for mental health referral

We provide comprehensive adult programs for treating mental illness and drug addiction for referral. Working with neighborhood clinics and Columbus public health, we continuously adapt to suit the needs of our community. Recovery is attainable for you. With our assistance, you can accomplish this.

Employee Assistance

Our skilled, knowledgeable staff offers a distinctive mix of case management, counseling, and employment services offered through group workshops and one-on-one coaching (in-person and virtual). Our services are intended to assist you in acquiring the knowledge, training, and skills required to meet your work objectives, whether you are just starting out or an experienced professional considering a career change.

Project for youth involvement

Our young people participated in a variety of projects, including, but not limited to, those that assisted low-income families, schoolchildren, victims of domestic violence, victims of human trafficking, and homeless people. Our youth volunteers sort and pack food bags that we send out on a regular basis to shelters and various organizations.


Families of refugees and New Americans can stabilize thanks to the assistance offered by Help & Hope Community Center. We assist people in keeping up secure housing, gaining access to wholesome food, and connecting with donors of donated furniture and household goods.


Access to affordable housing and providing referral services Housing assistance Tenant Rights Know Your Rights.

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